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What does a car accident lawyer think about in-car safety technology?

Do Canadians Need In-Car Speed-Limiting Technology?

Technology is a mixed blessing on Canadian roads. On one hand, cutting-edge safety features like lane-keeping and automatic braking reduce injuries and accidents. On the other, smartphones and in-car navigation and entertainment systems cause distraction, which, as any car accident lawyer can attest, is a major safety hazard. Now, the European Union is doubling down … Continue reading “Do Canadians Need In-Car Speed-Limiting Technology?”

August 15, 2019
Car accident lawyers fret over continuing fallout from Ontario insurance changes

Ontarians Still Reeling from 2016 Changes to Auto Insurance System

In June 2016, the then-Liberal Government of Ontario introduced major changes to the province’s auto insurance system. Presented as an effort to reduce premiums, the changes significantly reduced available accident benefits and altered the definition of catastrophic impairment, making it more difficult for car accident lawyers to secure fair compensation for their clients. As a … Continue reading “Ontarians Still Reeling from 2016 Changes to Auto Insurance System”

August 8, 2019

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