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Cycling Death in Ottawa Sparks Calls for Change

Cyclist safety has been a hot topic in Ottawa in recent weeks, as it has been for years among Ontario’s personal injury and bicycle accident lawyers. A fatal hit-and-run in the city’s downtown core in mid-May sparked protests and calls for change in the Nation’s Capital, prompting city councillor Catherine McKenney to suggest a Vision … Continue reading “Cycling Death in Ottawa Sparks Calls for Change”

June 13, 2019
If your child is hit by a car, our personal injury lawyers can help

Low-income kids at higher risk of being hit by cars in Ontario

A new study conducted by researchers at Sick Kids Hospital, York University, and ICES (formerly Clinical Evaluative Sciences) shows that Ontario children living in low-income areas are more likely to be struck by vehicles than children in high-income areas, a fact that may not surprise personal injury lawyers. The researchers examined emergency room data from … Continue reading “Low-income kids at higher risk of being hit by cars in Ontario”

May 30, 2019

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