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Personal injury lawyers criticize new legal fees

Ontario Government announces higher legal fees

On April 1, the Government of Ontario enacted changes to court fees and fee waiver eligibility under the Administration of Justice Act. The changes, which have already been criticized by some personal injury lawyers, are intended to bring the province closer to “full cost recovery,” the Ministry of the Attorney General told the CBC. Legal … Continue reading “Ontario Government announces higher legal fees”

April 18, 2019
Hurt in a fall? Spinal injury lawyers can help

PTSD, chronic pain, and the hidden impacts of serious injuries

Picture a spinal injury victim. Who do you see? A person in a wheel chair? A person who can no longer use their hands or who has difficulty walking? If so, you’re not incorrect: paralysis is one possible spinal injury outcome. But many spinal injury victims experience subtler, wider-reaching impacts, as spinal injury lawyers understand. … Continue reading “PTSD, chronic pain, and the hidden impacts of serious injuries”

April 11, 2019

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