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when is a host liable for guests' injuries? personal injury lawyers can help.

When are Hosts Responsible for Guests’ Injuries?

A personal injury lawsuit in British Columbia’s Supreme Court could inform Canada’s evolving social host liability rules. The case, in which Calder McCormick is seeking damages for injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident following a 2012 house party, went to trial in mid-February. Personal injury lawyers are eagerly anticipating the decision. What is Social … Continue reading “When are Hosts Responsible for Guests’ Injuries?”

March 26, 2020
car accident lawyers see spike in accidents during daylight saving

How Daylight Saving Time Contributes to Car Accidents

Daylight saving time, the practice of advancing clocks during spring and summer to create longer evenings, has existed in Canada for more than a century. At the time it was adopted, the goal of the program was to save energy: the longer the sun stayed up, the thinking went, the less time people would spend … Continue reading “How Daylight Saving Time Contributes to Car Accidents”

March 12, 2020

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