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Denied Fire Loss & Flood Loss Claims

Nothing could be worse than a house or business flood or fire. This is one of the most devastating events that a family or any business can experience. For home owners a fire is a financial setback as well as an emotional loss. Years of memories can be unexpectedly destroyed. For a business owner, the economic losses could be distressing and long term.

Unexpected Loss of Property

Many rely on the property damage protection of insurance policies to protect them from unanticipated losses caused by fires. Sadly, many claimants find dealing with insurance carriers just as stressful and overwhelming, especially if the insurer is not dealing in good faith. Fire loss can unexpectedly lead to severe and stressful disputes about the legitimacy and assessment of your insurance loss claims- by the insurance company that you have been paying to protect you.

An insurance company has a duty to act in “good faith” when evaluating and processing your insurance claim. That simply means you claim cannot be denied unless there is a legal and good reason for doing so. Insurance companies that unfairly deny or significantly delay payment on claims can be found to have acted in bad faith.

The expectation by you for your insurance company is that the insurer acts reasonably and replaces your home and business. Sometimes the process is not as easy as it seems and issues become challenged, disputed and denied.

If you believe that your insurer is denying your claims and/ or coverage without a reasonable investigation and basis, withholding or unreasonably delaying payments, under-valuating your claim or being unreasonable with your claim, call our office today.

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