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Oakville Brain Injury Lawyer

Brain injuries are often referred to as “silent injuries” because they are unseen and often undiagnosed. Thousands of people in Canada sustain head and brain injuries yearly, the worst of which lead to permanent brain damage or death.

Is There A Difference between Closed Head Injuries and Open Head Injuries?

Closed head injuries normally occur when the brain is bounced back and forth within the skull. Bruising, tearing, bleeding and stretching of the brain could occur by force of impact. Most of these injuries occur within the front (frontal), back (occipital) and sides (temporal) lobes of the brain.

Common closed head injuries occur with; whiplash suffered from car accidents in Oakville, bumping your head in slip and fall accidents, or a bicycle accident even if you’re wearing a helmet.

Open head injuries occur when the skull is penetrated or broken. Open head injuries are very dangerous and can become complicated and susceptible to infection due to debris or the pieces of skull and hair that get pushed back inside the brain.

The most common are closed head injuries.

Accident victims who have suffered a brain injury will undoubtedly experience many changes that may affect their social life, work and relationships. Although the extent of changes will certainly depend on the severity of the injury, most victims will suffer changes that are physical, psychological, cognitive, and behavioural.

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