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Oakville Dog Bite Injuries Lawyer

Dog owners in Oakville should be aware and understand that there is a duty imposed upon them to ensure their dog does not bite or attack people. In Ontario the Dog Owners’ Liability Act imposes strict liability on owners regardless of knowledge or proof of past history of vicious behaviour. It is also important to note where there is more than one owner of a dog, they will always be jointly and severally liable under the act for the actions of their dog.

The Ontario government introduced a ban on pit bulls in 2005. To date the amendments prohibit anyone from owning, breeding, transferring, importing, fighting or abandoning pit bulls in Ontario. Injuries caused by vicious dog bites can be devastating, especially attacks to children.

Dog Bites and Children

Children are often the victims in serious dog bite injury cases as their height makes their head and neck more accessible to the animal.

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